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Parts & Accessories

We understand that everybody wants something different from their motorhome and we therefore make it easy for you to customise your vehicle with our wide range of extras that can be fitted to your motorhome. Here is a selection of our most popular, but don’t feel limited, the possibilities are endless!

Awnings & Security

With or without a privacy room, these double the space of your motorhome and offer shelter from the midday sun (or British rain).

3.0m awning (Deluxe Grey) = £773.14

3.5m awning (Deluxe Grey) = £834.29
With privacy room £1,668.00

4.0m awning (Deluxe Grey) = £891.07
With privacy room = £1,955.00

4.5m awning (Deluxe Grey) = £999.00
With privacy room = £1,999.00

Safe door , single lock = £99.00

3 lock bundle with same key = £249.00

LPG Refillable Gas & BBQ's

This convenient system means you will never run out of gas. Works Europe wide and is as simple to fill as putting fuel in your car. Gaslow offer a range of single & twin systems & we offer the whole range so please enquire for more details.

11kg single cylinder system with stainless steel hose = £359.00

We offer a range of portable gas BBQs so please contact us for details and prices.

External BBQ point = £259

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Fiamma Bike Racks

Highly adjustable vertical structure makes the Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro the perfect bike carrier for most coach-built motorhomes. It has adjustable fittings spacings between 80cm and 150cm and carries 2 bikes as standard. Optional upgrade kits can be purchased in addition to increase bike rack to hold 3 or 4 bikes.

Carry-Bike PRO = £442.80

Compact, rear mounted bike rack for coach-built motorhomes with limited installation space on the back wall. The Carry Bike Pro C carries 2 bikes as standard but can be made to hold 3 or 4 bikes with optional upgrade kits.

Carry-Bike PRO C = £446.40

TV equipment

Avtex 12 volt TV/DVD player

These smartly designed ultra slim 12 volt TV’s are designed for the leisure industry. With built in FreeSat or FreeView, DVD players and great sound quality they are a perfect addition to your motorhome. We also offer a range of TV brackets.

18.5” frameless TV/DVD/ Freeview = £299.00

21.5” TV/DVD/Freeview = £399.00

Oyster Vision/ Internet HD satellites

These self-seeking satellites are perfect for those on the move as it takes out the stress and hassle of finding a signal. Go for the internet option: get HD TV and stay connected.

Oyster Cytrac UK = £1,999.00

Oyster vision 85 Europe = £1,999.00

Oyster vision EU Twin LNB = £2,099.00

Oyster internet = £3,499.00

Digital aerial

This neat little aerial is great for those who want Freeview channels. With its one-touch tuning and no setup required it is an affordable way to have TV on the move.

Status 330 Digital television aerial = £245

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Solar Panels

Custom kits available including digital meters and dual output regulators to charge both leisure and chassis batteries.

80w solar panel kit = £499.00

120w solar panel kit = £599.00

USB charging points

Prices start from £130.00 for a single USB charging/ power socket fitted (including transformer)

Hekki Roof light

Brighten up the internal space inside your motorhome.

Prices start from £760.00. Please enquire for further details.


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Reversing aids

Reversing Cameras

Watch your back. Reversing cameras are invaluable when it comes to seeing what is behind you. Fit one of our reasonably priced kits and save yourself the cost of repairs from those unseen objects.

Reversing camera single = £499.00

Reversing camera double = £599.00

Reversing sensors

This inexpensive option is brilliant at guiding you backwards when parking.

Set of 4 sensors = £199.00 Sensors can be colour coded, ask for prices.


For peace of mind, fit a Thatcham CAT2/ 1 insurance approve alarm system and keep your second home secure.

Sigma Thatcham alarm system = £599.00

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Internal carpet

For all Roller Team models, colour matched to suit your internal furnishings, these carpets fit snugly and are easy to clean. Prices start from £329.00.

Ceramic Paint

Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection - £699.00

Ceramic coat protects your vehicle’s paintwork leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Once treated your paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years and you will never have to polish it again. Combined with an innovative interior protection system, Ceramic Coat also shields the fabrics inside the vehicle, making everyday spills, dirt and grime easier to remove.

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Puncture Control

£35.00 per tyre

Puncture Control is a specially designed tyre sealant that will permanently repair any penetrated holes to the tread pattern and is specifically designed to prevent punctures and blowouts. This scientifically formulated sealant lasts the entire legal life of the tyre and does not invalidate tyre warranty, meaning just one application could last you up to seven years and prevent costly repairs and replacements.


Kitchen start-up pack

Take the hassle out of your first trip away: our start-up pack offer the basic necessities including crockery, cutlery, glasses, utensils, pots, pans, gas kettle and toaster, 25m hook-up cable.

Kitchen starter pack = £150.00

Hook-up cable and cord wheel = £50.00

Linen kit

We offer both double and single kits which include your duvet, pillows, sheets and large bath towels. Includes 13.5 tog duvet, pillows, sheets, covers & towels. Available in a wide choice of colours.

Single set = £45.00

Double set = £80.00

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